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Selu’sa Anista (Cherokee Corn Mush)

Not that dissimilar to a Jhonny Cake, this is a simple, hearty, low budget breakfast that can be dressed up a dozen ways. I prefer it fried with some butter and sugar or a bit of maple syrup. Selu’sa Anista Ingredients cornmeal water 1 tbsp salt Toppings: milk, butter, syrup, sugar, meat, gravy or fried […]

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Bacon Maple Breakfast Potatoes

I could eat hashbrowns by themselves most days. These are even good stirred into eggs. Bacon Maple Breakfast Potatoes Ingredients 3 medium potatoes, skin on 1 tbsp olive oil, + 2 pieces of bacon 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 tbsp maple syrup salt pepper old bay Directions Before you do anything, freeze your bacon slices […]

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Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken & Yellow Rice)

My mother is very picky when it comes to what she deems ethnic food. She tends to cook very North-Eastern American: lots of broiled dinners and baked food that has minimal spices and lots and lots of water. I am very much the opposite. When it comes to food profiles I like zing. I like […]

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Traditional Roast Beef Hash (And Quick Gravy Recipe)

When most people think of roast beef hash, they think of this gelatinous stuff that comes out of a can or this greasy stuff served up in a diner. Real hash is nothing like it. It is a comfort food, which means that it might not be exactly healthy for you to eat all of […]

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Hungarian Sausage And Paprika Potatoes Skillet

At least once a week, this meal ends up being cooked in my house. It is the go to comfort food. I’ve tried several different varieties of sausage, but the favorite to date is Aidell’s Chicken and Apple Sausage (it adds a subtle sweet flavor that really uplifts the paprika and caramelized onions). If you […]

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