Orange Peel Tea

Vitamin C & Pectin packed mucous buster & gut health tea. I am not a doctor. This is not health care advice. This is a recipe that I use at home.

Orange Peel Tea

1 tbsp dried orange peel per 1 c filtered water
2 tbsp fresh orange peel per 1 c filtered water


If you are using fresh orange peels, chop them into ΒΌ inch sized pieces. If you are using dried orange peels, crush them a little with a mortar and pestle. Place chopped or crushed orange peels and water into a pot with a lid on it. I use stainless steel Revere pots; glass and enamel pots also work well. Bring water and herbs to a boil and then immediately turn off the fire. Let orange peels steep for one hour. Using a metal strainer, remove the peels from the tea and pour the tea into a teacup or pitcher. Drink warm or at room temperature. The shelf life of this tea is about two days if kept covered in the refrigerator.

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