Why Gluten Free?

You’ve probably heard a lot about gluten free being a fad diet and that there’s no such thing as gluten intolerance or diseases that surround the gut’s reaction to gluten. Yeah, I’ve heard that, too. I also hear a lot of people who don’t believe in global warming or that if you eat eggs it’s not technically eating meat because it’s the unborn just like stem cells.

Frankly, I don’t give a crock about other people’s opinions because I’ve seen the proof first hand in the form of my son Jason. Since going gluten free my sickly son has put on weight and height startlingly quick. I can’t count all of his ribs or vertebra. He enjoys food again when only a month before he was ready to give up meat out of fear that it was behind the constant pain in his gut.

My other two sons have benefitted as well with a noticeable decrease in their autism/ADHD symptoms. I no longer have acne issues (in my 30s) and have less trouble with my fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and sleep issues. In fact, I feel better than I have in years. So whether or not someone says it’s all hooey, it’s working for us. So we’re going for it.

My philosophy is to go healthier gluten free- as I see so much junk these days with the label gluten free slapped onto it. What good is trying to do better by your body if you fill yourself with other processed poisons? In this cookbook I try to provide as much of a rounded out picture as I can. If you need a condiment or flour mix, more than likely a recipe is also there for the condiment or flour mix. I want you to have the power to be self-sufficient and enlightened instead of freaking out that the store ran out of tamari. You can make your own tamari.

I also want to feed your brain, which is why the cookbook is full of quotes and poetry. Cooking is a cultured practice, so why not enjoy a little culture while you do it? You need to sharpen your brain for being on the hunt for ingredients. Read your labels. Know your food. Start paring down that median of what you find acceptable until you reach a hard line. This is your body. It is the only body that you get. You only live once is the worst excuse that I hear for not eating better, because that should be why you want to eat better! You want to see your kids grown and your grandkids grow. You don’t want to undergo multiple surgeries if it can be avoided. So right now: take the first steps to do better for yourself if you need to be gluten free.

Expense is not a reason to not go gluten free. If you try to eat the same foods as you did before without making them yourself, you’re going to be dirt poor: true. This is a diet. Diets take discipline. You know that you aren’t supposed to eat twinkies daily, so yes, paying $12 a box weekly for twinkies is going to bite you in the ass. If you use the philosophy of ‘plan ahead, prep my own, limit ingredients’ you’ll find that you will actually spend less overall after your initial investment. Buying the baking ingredients and replacing your spices is the biggest part of the money sink, but once you do it; it’s done. My suggestion: pair up with a buddy and share the bulk costs to lessen the impact.

Buy organic. Buy unprocessed. It’s always pricier than your standard bargain brand, but you also know what should be in it. The point is to rid your body of as many poisons as possible, why add pesticides to your green beans? So many studies are being done on GMO pesticides being found in breast milk, just imagine the havoc that it’s wreaking on your weakened immune system. You are worth the extra cost to not be sick. If you can’t afford it, educate yourself on the dirty dozen and clean thirteen. Plant it even. Only you hold back you.

When tempted, tell yourself the same thing. My health is worth more than that donut. I deserve a treat- I have enough resolve to make it to the gluten free section of a store or bakery or to my own home. This is also a part of being a healthy person. Instant gratification is no longer a part of our vocabularies and that’s a good thing.

I only compiled most of these recipes or tweaked them to fit my needs. This collection started to send recipes to my sons’ father so he had a repertoire of recipes to cook for them and spread to friends and family. Should you wish original recipes or sources at any time, let me know. Most are non-gf recipes converted to gf. Those that are my recipes I will also gladly let you know.

And last: remember that I love you all. Even if I don’t know you- I love you because you’re another living being. Feel free to share this cookbook offline with your families or friends. It will never be for sale as this is my service to you. Also, I’d like to thank my people who need this as much as I do and help keep me up because I’m not alone.