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Lemongrass Ginger Green Tea

Lemongrass and ginger are a wonderful cure all combo when it comes to aches, upset stomachs, and generally feeling terrible. Lemongrass Ginger Green Tea Ingredients 1 stalk lemon grass 7 slices fresh ginger 5 green tea bags ½ c sugar Directions Rinse the lemon grass thoroughly, cut into 2-inch lengths and crush it with a […]

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Golden Milk

Golden milk is widely drunk as medicine. It is an amazing anti-inflammatory medicine, as well as being a smooth, clean drink. Golden Milk Ingredients 1” knob turmeric 1 ½” knob ginger 2 tsp ghee 1 c full fat coconut milk 1 c coconut water 1 tbsp manakua honey Directions Peel both the turmeric and ginger, […]

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