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Veggie Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of my basic comfort foods. As a child, Sunday morning breakfast regularly consisted of either fried rice mixed into scrambled eggs. Now it’s become a comfort food that brings comfortable memories of some of my father’s more tender moments. Veggie Fried Rice Ingredients 2 cups basmati white rice, cooked & cooled […]

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Laundry Day Soup

I have days that are so busy that I need to throw something on the stove and just leave it. In fact, most days are like that. More often than not, these are the days that I find myself rooting through leftovers until I find ‘agreeable-like’ and toss them in a pot. The key to […]

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Traditional Roast Beef Hash (And Quick Gravy Recipe)

When most people think of roast beef hash, they think of this gelatinous stuff that comes out of a can or this greasy stuff served up in a diner. Real hash is nothing like it. It is a comfort food, which means that it might not be exactly healthy for you to eat all of […]

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